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Linden Museum Photo Page


The Linden depot during its days of operation. Monon right of way in foreground left to right. Nickle Plate lower left hand corner.


Monon at Linden. Left: Train #73, with C-628 #601 in the lead comes off the passing siding north of the depot, the year is 1971. Right: Train #73 heads south past the depot. The building near the top left hand corner of the photo is the Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Society, Inc's World Headquarters. -Ron Marquardt photographs, Ron Marquardt Collection-

Monon C-420 #515 charges southbound across the diamond at Linden.






Although the Linden Depot is no longer a stop, passenger service continues to live on the former Monon mainline. Here the northbound Amtrak PO51 passes the depot in 2007. -Jim Davis Photograph-







Activity at the Depot Museum. Left and Right: Society Members Chris Brenner and Bob Straw painting boards for Bay window repair, July 2005. -Jim Davis Photographs-


Left: Looking at the north wall (Nickel Plate Road side) of the depot. The motor car has been relocated to make room for the diamond and brick plaza. Right: Looking west down the side of the building towards the Nickel Plate ticket window. -Max Foltz Photographs-

Take a Tour Inside The Linden Depot.


Left and Right: Examples of a crossing shanty and crossing gate on display. The shanty originally stood vigil at Frankfort, Indiana. The crossing gate hails from Lafayette, Indiana. -Jim Davis Photographs-

Left: Concrete structure used to house interlocker equipment. -Jim Davis Photograph-







Left: One of the Linden diamonds, which is the center piece for a brick plaza. Pictured is some of the early work on the plaza. The Linden railroad crossing of the NKP & Monon railroads was at 81 degrees 32 minutes. Right: Completed brick patio, ready for the engraved bricks. -Jim Davis Photographs-

Nickel Plate Caboose #497. This caboose was completely restored, inside and out, by Museum volunteers and is on display.







Left and Right: Additional view of Nickel Plate caboose #497. -Max Foltz Photographs-

The interior of caboose #497.




The Depot Museum boasts many Monon and Nickel Plate artifacts on display inside the Museum. Pictured here is a Waiter's uniform, once worn by someone working in the diner on one of the Monon's passenger trains or business cars.






The Monon Railroad once boasted several baseball and sofball teams. A basbeball uniform is on display in the museum.






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