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In 1852, the Michigan City, Salem and New Albany (later Monon) Railroad cut through Montgomery County. The old stage coach road between Crawfordsville and Linden was given to the railroad as an inducement to get them to build through Linden. 1852 also saw the building of the first Linden depot, on a site behind the present day Post Office.

In 1881 the Toledo, St. Louis and Western Railroad was built, crossing the Monon at the site of the present day depot. It was known then as the Clover Leaf, until 1922, when it became the Nickel Plate Railroad. The line became part of the Norfork and Western (N&W) and was known as the Charleston District.

When the crossing, or junction, was created in 1881, the Monon Railroad moved their depot to the site of the junction. The old depot stood until 1907 when it caught fire and burned to the ground. The present depot was built on this location as a "junction" depot. An agreement between the two railroads to share the facillity was signed in October of 1907. From the 1949 list of Joint Facilities agreements, from Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Archives: Listed at Linden with the NYC&StL were two lines as follows: Station, Contract #68, dated 10/21/07 and 06/01/22 CI&L (Monon Railroad) paid 50% of both operation and maintenance. Crossing, (no contract number or date) CI&L paid 50% of Maintenance.

The Depot represents an important part of Linden's heritage and was central to the town, and surrounding area's existence for much of its early years. Passenger service was a vital part of the function of the depot. Passenger service ran until 1957 on the Nickel Plate and until 1967 on the Monon Railroad. In 1954 alone, more than 13,000 cars were exchanged between the two railraods at the Linden Depot. The memory of what the Depot meant to the community, and the desire not to lose this piece of history, became the driving force behind the establishment of the Linden-Madison Township Historical Society.

One of the first major goals and accomplishments of the Society was to get the Depot listed on the National Register Of Historic Sites. It was only natural that once work on restoration of the Depot began, that the Depot would become a museum. A great deal of time and effort, by many dedicated people have made the Depot and museum what it is today. Donations from many local businesses and organizations have been a mainstay in the Society's success. The Society is a not-for-profit organization and its Board is strictly voluntary with no payment, except the personal gratification and satisfaction from their part in preserving history.

It has been restored to the 1950 era of railroading and is operated as a museum by the Linden-Madison Township Historical Society. The fully air-conditioned Depot Museum features a collection of "railroadiana" material mainly from the two railroads it once served: the Monon and the Nickel Plate. The Monon agent's room houses the E.E. Kauffman train collection, including a 3/4" scale, live steam model of the Monon 4-4-0 locomotive with passenger coach. Numerous Nickel Plate artifacts are displayed in the Nickel Plate agent's room. Model Railroad Clubs operate HO & O gauge layouts in the separate Monon and Nickel Plate baggage rooms.

The Museum is open to the public from May through October, and for one week in December. Hours are from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Admission is $3.00 for adults, $1.00 for children under age 14.

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